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Maintenance Alerts

Below is a list of currently known maintenance and outage notices. Please bookmark this page and check here first in the event of a service outage.

Registry Maintenance Schedule

Domain Extension (TLD)Status
inJanuary 25, 2015 (Sunday) 6:30 AM - 10:30 AM Pacific (14:30 - 18:30 UTC)

During this scheduled maintenance, the following services will not be available:

Availability Checks,
Domain Purchases,
Domain Renewals,
Domain Updates,
WHOIS Services

DNS will continue to resolve, but changes will not be available during this time frame.
Domain Extension (TLD)Status
caMarch 6, 2014 (Thursday)

Starting March 6th, 2014, as part of CIRA’s .CA Registrant Data Collection program, certain Registrant Contact fields will be made mandatory for both Contact Create and Contact Update operations.

This will impact API users when they preconfigure or change the WHOIS information for a .CA domain name.

The following is a list of the existing fields that are currently optional in our system that will be required beginning March 6th, 2014:

RegistrantPhone (Required)
RegistrantStateProvince (Required if Canada or the United States is specified for Country, otherwise optional)
RegistrantCountry (Required)
RegistrantPostalCode (Required if Canada or the United States is specified for Country, otherwise optional)

Please review and ensure the above fields are submitted for all .CA domain registrations and contact modifications submitted via our API. Failure to supply these required fields will result in domain registration and contact updates failing for .CA domains on March 6th and onwards.
Domain Extension (TLD)Status
cnEffective June 6, 2010 (Sunday)
CNNIC, the registry that manages .CN registrations has made a temporary policy decision to stop all new .CN registrations effective Jan 06, 2010. Renewals will continue to work as expected. Meanwhile all attempts to register new .CN domains will fail or be returned as unavailable on the registration page. No date has been set for when the new registrations will be re-opened. That is all the information we have at this time, but we are working directly with the registry to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Product Maintenance Schedule

There is no product maintenance scheduled at this time.

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