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TRUSTe Privacy Policy protects you from legal liabilities and builds trust with customers.

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TRUSTe Grows Your Website and Online Business

Remove legal hurdles and create sales opportunities by increasing customer confidence. TRUSTe makes sure your privacy practices are sound and reflect your company's dedication to online safety & security.

Privacy Policy Review

TRUSTe outfits your company with a 100% accurate privacy statement suited to your business practices.

Website Scan for Potential Threats

TRUSTe's trained compliance team helps you identify potential privacy threats that would go unnoticed.

TRUSTe Makes Sure You Meet Federal & State Requirements

TRUSTe’s privacy policy ensures that your site meets requirements for all federal & state online privacy laws.

Help With Resolving Disputes

TRUSTe's third-party dispute resolution processes help you extend your customer care.

You have questions, we have answers

How is a privacy policy valuable to me and my customers?

Increasingly, customers expect online businesses to post a privacy policy. The level of customer sophistication about privacy practices is increasing rapidly, and they are likely to leave a web site if its privacy policy is unclear or doesn’t indicate a sufficient level of commitment to protecting information. And increasingly, customers hold businesses legally responsible for any discrepancies between their policy and practices.

How do TRUSTe products save me money?

TRUSTe Privacy Policy, through its wizard, allows you to create, post, and maintain a privacy policy at minimal expense. It’s far less expensive than hiring an attorney or consultant, or spending the time to research and write a privacy policy on your own.

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¹ The Truste service is available for a free 30 day trial. You may cancel the service at any time during the free trial period. After the free trial period, the Truste service will automatically roll into an annual subscription. You will be billed for an annual subscription fee prior to the end of the trial period.

² TRUSTe Web Certification Data Sheet -   is a proud part of   , a leading domain name services company.
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