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In order to point a domain name to the files that you upload to your Web Hosting Account, you will need to associate a domain to your account, set host headers and set host records. Host headers allow you to have multiple web sites on a single Web Hosting Account

Domain Association: the process of attaching your domain name (example.com) to your Web Hosting account. When a domain is associated we create automatically the WWW and @ (blank) host headers matching the two most common host records. You can host up to 50 domains per Web Hosting account at no additional cost.

Host Record: points your domain name address such as WWW.example.com to our web servers.

Host Header: For every host record you have on your domain name you need a matching host header. The host header points to the correct directory where your web site files reside. The WWW host header points the incoming WWW host record to the correct web site files. You may configure multiple host headers, and each may point to any directory in your Web Hosting account. Each domain name can only have 15 host headers.

The combination of these allows you to have multiple web sites in your Web Hosting account.
We suggest you create a separate directory for each web site and point host headers to them so that you can keep your files and web sites organized and separate.

How to associate your domain name and setup host headers and host records:

Assuming you have a domain name registered with us or another registrar.

Step 1:

Associate your domain name to your Web Hosting account.

Go to the Web Hosting Manager page and click "modify" to associate a domain name. At this point your WWW and @ host headers are automatically created and set by default to point to the root directory of your Web Hosting account.

Step 2:

Point your host headers to the appropriate directory.

On the domain association page click "edit" next to each host header, and navigate to the correct directory. Save your changes and see the host header point to the new directory.

Step 3:

Host Record Setup

If your domain name is registered with us (recommended) and in your domain name account, you are done with the setup process.
We will automatically set the host records for each host header.

If your domain name is not registered with us:
Log in to your domain name account and go to your DNS management page to create a host record for Host Names: www and @.

These settings can be found at the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Note: For every host header you setup, you will need to create a corresponding host record.
To greatly simplify host header and host record setup, we encourage you to transfer your domain to us.

For help with email host records (including MX records), click here.

Here is a quick example showing what gets created and set for a person wanting to publish two web sites: example.com and example.net.


First, we create the web sites: All the files of example.com will reside in a folder called COM, and all the example.net files in a folder called NET.


Now we log-in to the Web Hosting account named "hosting1" with an FTP application. Once at the root directory of the account "/" ("WWW" in the new hosting account), we transfer all the files of each web sites. That will create 2 folders in that account: "COM" and "NET" containing each individual site.

Since the full path of the account is: http://web1.ehost-services.com/hosting1/ (http://hosting1.ehost-servicesxxx.com/ in new hosting account), we can access each individual web site by using this internet address: http://web1.ehost-services.com/hosting1/COM/ (http://hosting1.ehost-servicesxxx.com/COM/ in new Web Hosting account) and http://web1.ehost-services.com/hosting1/NET/ (http://hosting1.ehost-services100.com/NET/ in new Web Hosting account). Please login to your Web Hosting acccount (http://webhosting.enom.com) and click "Quick Info" for detailed information about your full path.

Once the sites are finished and functioning correctly we are ready to point the domain names to them.


We now log-in to the Web Hosting account "hosting1" in the Web Hosting Control Panel, and we go to the "domains" page under the "web sites" section. We associate example.COM and example.NET. The host headers "WWW" and "@" (@: see note below) get created for each domain. At this point all the host headers (www and @) are pointing to the root directory of the account: "/" ("WWW" folder is the webroot for new Web Hosting account). We click edit next to each host header and point the host headers to their respective directories: www and @ of example.COM point to the "COM" directory, www and @ of example.NET point to the "NET" directory.

If the domains example.COM and example.NET were in our Domain Name account, all corresponding host records were automatically created and modified when we first associated the domains, and we would be done.

If the domain names were at a different registrar we would now have to create and/or modify the www and @ host records to all point to the same web servers assigned to the "hosting1" account (all CNAME records).

Note: the @ host header stands for "none". This allows the use of the domain name without the WWW. Since we point @ to the same place as WWW, we can reach our web site by typing in: http://www.example.com or http://example.com

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