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Using Microsoft FrontPage can be a good way to start publishing web pages. FrontPage tries to automate a lot of processes for the user. Some of FrontPage's advanced features may not currently be compatible with your Web Hosting account. See the Support Center for details.

Creating your website using FrontPage is easy! Here is how to get started.

Open FrontPage. From the File menu, select "Open Web".

In the "Folder name:" field, enter your FTP URL exactly as it appears on the Web Hosting Control Panel, and click "Open".

When prompted for a password, enter your Account Name & Password and click "OK". NOTE: If you see the Open Web dialog again, just click "Open".

From here you can publish to the internet your previously created websites, or you can create a small web page directly from here and save it directly onto your Web URL (FTP Server). Call the file "Default.htm". Once this file has been saved, you can now view your site in a web browser.

If you are new to HTML and/or Web development, we highly recommend purchasing a book or taking a class on the subject to help you build your site as easily as possible.

Also, once you feel confident using FrontPage we recommend you to also try uploading files to your Web Hosting Account through FTP. This process is very simple yet can offer you more versatility.

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